About Bill Gluth

About Bill Gluth

The Creative Thinking for Business Center is for small service-based business owners who see gaps and revenue leaks in their business development process.

As a company, we build bridges.

We find the gaps in your business building process and then fill the gaps in your sales process including; marketing, the system of selling, Client Relationship Management (CRM), and internet marketing programs to create a bridge to higher profitability.


I grew up in a family of business owners. At the ripe old age of 10 years old, I started my first enterprise, renting a massive collection of comic books to local neighborhood kids. Five cents a week per comic book grew into more cash flow than a lemonade stand, that’s for sure.

I developed a love of small business right away.

In my adult life, I feel like I have lived many lives, all in this one lifetime.

I have been a pro musician, military dog handler, policeman, advertising photographer, VP Creative in advertising, VP Sales and Marketing, and, most recently, since 2001, a business development or biz dev guy.

I always thrived on accomplishments. I developed a profitable advertising photography studio from start-up, led the team that created one of the first online portfolio portals for advertising photographers, directed a fine art gallery, built and directed sales teams, created profitable marketing outreach programs, and had fun helping small businesses grow.


Bill Gluthin 2001, I discovered that business owners with a vision, and great business concepts, often were not able to see the gaps in the system of business development that was costing them significant money every month.

Because they were not able to see the gaps, they had no way to bridge them to increase profitability.

I began Creative Thinking for Business, with a mission to uncover the gaps in the sales process and create bridges over them to increase profitability for my clients.

As a creative problem solver, sales process, content marketing, and workflow specialist, I have developed the knowledge, skills, experience, and background to support small business owners and their management teams to increase revenues.

We support small business by optimizing workflow and integrating marketing, sales, CRM and the internet into a single business development strategy that creates greater profitability.


The Creative Thinking for Business Center website is a portal to providing business development resources, services and consulting.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Bill Gluth


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